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Sometimes spending money feels good.

There I said it!

Come on now, don’t lie to yourself.  When we spend money it somehow has the pleasure of making us feel good about ourselves.

Its good to be honest about these things so that when we do want to fight the urge to spend money we do it from a place of honesty.

Now that we have that out of the way here are 8 things you can do right now to learn how to not spend money.


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8 Tips On How To Not Spend Money In Times Of Weakness


1. Think About Your Money In Terms Of Time

I remember years ago a friend said to me that they wanted to try and cut down on their spending.  They hated the job that they were in so they decided that they would start looking at their purchases in terms of the number of hours that they had to work to get it.

So if for example, they wanted to buy a new pair of jeans costing £30 then they would equate that to 3 hours of work time.

Looking at money in this way soon puts things quickly into perspective.

You may not hate your job so it may not be as extreme for you but looking at your purchases in terms of time certainly does give you the kick up the but that you need.

Its a really clever way to trick yourself into not spending any money.


2. Make It Difficult To Access Your Money

Pulling out a credit or debit card is really easy to do.  Too easily to be fair.

If you are heading out for the evening leave your cards at home whilst your frame of mind is strong and carry only the amount of cash that you are willing to spend.

It’s so much harder to hand over cash than it is to use a card where you are not physically seeing the money leave your bank account.

Convenient cash will always go missing.

If you can’t bear to leave your cards at home (I know some people like to have them for security reasons) then hand over your cards to a friend who will be under strict instructions not to let you have them until the end of the night.

I said I could help you learn how not to spend money, I never said it was going to be an easy thing to do.


3. The Waiting Game

The waiting game is one of my favourite ways to save money in a weird kind of way.

If you see something that you want to buy in the shops they idea is that you don’t buy it straight away.  You have to have a waiting period before you can make the purchase.

Your waiting period can be 7 days, 3 days, 1 month, it’s really up to you.  The length of time that you wait is not as important as making sure that you do not make the purchase on the same day that you see the item.

You’ll be surprised at how much difference it makes when you have a waiting period before making a purchase.

Most of the time when you go back to buy the item it won’t be as appealing as it was when you first saw it or you’ve reconsidered the cost.

If after waiting you still feel that you want to buy the item you are free to do so.

I wish I had known about this little trick years ago, I would have saved so much money on things that I really didn’t need.  Buyers remorse is a real thing!


4. Get Rid Of Shopping Emails

Think about how many times a day you get emails telling you all about the sales and things that you are missing out on if you don’t buy them now.

You may not think you are focusing on such emails but believe me, they do get to you eventually.

These types of emails are there for one purpose only and that is to get you to spend money whether you have it or not.

Delete these types of emails and move on.  They are nothing but temptation.


5. Keep Track Of What You Are Buying

This doesn’t have to be anything fancy a simple sheet for the month showing you exactly what you have spent is perfectly fine.

The idea is that when you look at your spending you will quickly see how much money you are wasting on a daily/ weekly basis.

When you tally up how much money you have spent it might be a bit of a shock to your system.

Make sure you do this every month and challenge yourself to do better the next month until you are happy that your spending is under control.


6. Give yourself a budget for spending

This is a really important thing to do because knowing you have some cash to spend on the things that you want each month can help you to stop going over your budget.

I would suggest that whatever money you allocate to yourself you take it out in cash.  You can use the cash envelope method to do do this.

Seeing the money visually can make a big difference in how you spend it.

I do this with my own money and even break it down further into weeks to help me always make sure that I am staying in budget each month.


7. Invest In A Change Jar

Having a change jar is pretty awesome.  It’s a great way to help keep all your change in one place and be able to save it up so that you can buy something that you really want with it.

Without this, I can guarantee that once you break into a note you will quickly start to use up your change without being able to account for what you have even spent it on.

You can save all your spare change into a jar like this one.


8. Switch To Cash

I’ve hinted at it many times already but I’ll say it again just in case.  Try to switch up using your cards all the time in favour of using cash instead.

You are a lot more likely to want to spend on a card than you are to want to spend cash because spending physical cash hurts.  It hurts a lot.

You may not be able to do this with all your bills but you certainly can with smaller things that you purchase on a  day to day basis.


Final Thoughts On How Not To Spend Money

As we said at the beginning, spending money feels good, too good in fact but the sooner that you can recognise that the easier it will be for you to change your ways.

One thing that I have found that keeps me going is to have a focus.  I like to think about what life would be like if I didn’t have any debt.  It’s a great focal point for me to aim for.

Each time I feel that I want to spend money I’m reminded that each time I spend money unnecessarily the longer it will take for me to get to the point where I am debt-free.

You should have a focal point too.


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